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Your Insurance Rights

If you were injured in any type of negligence-related accident, you may have many questions and concerns. How can you get your car repaired? Who will cover your medical expenses? What happens if you're getting the run-around from your insurance company?

At Mario F. Riquelme & L. Todd Wilson Partners At Elliott, Riquelme & Wilson LLP, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. Our personal injury trial lawyers will champion your rights. With more than 25 years of combined experience, they have the skill and determination you need on your side.

Your Right to Medical Care

If you were injured in a car accident, you will likely have the right to see the doctor of your choosing at the time of your choosing. You can visit your family physician or any other qualified medical provider, and you can do so whenever is convenient to you. This is covered by personal injury protection (PIP) law.

Your Right to Car Repairs

If you are the victim of an auto accident and your car or truck suffers damage, you have the right to get your vehicle repaired to the condition it was in before the accident. You also have the right to go to the repair shop of your choosing and have it repaired to your specifications.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance

In essence, PIP law states that any medical bills that are related to your car accident must be paid promptly. The insurance company does not have the right to drag out the process simply to avoid having to cover your medical bills.

If you encounter an auto insurance claim adjuster who is making you jump through hoops in order to get your bills paid, give us a call. We know how to deal with the situation. We will listen to your story, clearly explain your rights under PIP and diligently fight on your behalf.

Get a free initial consultation about your insurance rights in Oregon by calling Mario F. Riquelme & L. Todd Wilson Partners At Elliott, Riquelme & Wilson LLP, today at 541-323-2013. You can also reach our Bend attorneys by email.

Client Reviews
I trust Mario explicitly as he has proven himself to be extremely professional, ethical, competent and will fight for the best possible outcome. He was able to negotiate a settlement that will allow me to get back on track and for that I will always be grateful. - Jan G.
Todd handle my case flawlessly. After reviewing the facts of my case, he was able to identify where mistakes had been made and the options availble to me. Once a decision was made on how to proceed, he walked me through the process making it as painless as possible. - John