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Truck Accidents

Any time an 18-wheeler, construction rig or other large commercial vehicle is involved in a collision, the consequences for other drivers involved are likely to be very serious. A substantial percentage of fatal accidents on Central Oregon roadways involve commercial trucks, and other crashes cause life-changing harms such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, crush injuries and fractures.

Knowledge and Experience You can Trust After a Devastating Crash

Not every lawyer who advertises personal injury and wrongful death representation has the knowledge and resources to handle the complexities of a commercial trucking accident case. We do. When you contact us, experienced Bend truck accident injury attorneys Mario F. Riquelme and L. Todd Wilson, you can count on compassionate personal attention and determined, professional advocacy.

We Move Quickly to Provide Reliable Counsel and Secure all Valuable Evidence

Fast action to get a qualified lawyer involved is often especially critical after a semi-truck accident or any other commercial vehicle wreck. Individuals trained to protect their own interests rather than yours may rush to the scene. In addition to the seriousness or even catastrophic nature of injuries, key considerations include:

  • Commercial trucking companies, their drivers and their insurers are often extremely active in attempting to deny liability and minimize their exposure to any claim or lawsuit.
  • Identifying any violations of federal regulations and state trucking regulations — ranging from over-hours operation and falsification of log books to inadequate truck maintenance — may be essential to proving serious negligence and maximizing your recovery.
  • Qualified experts in accident reconstruction may be essential to establishing the causes of the trucking accident.
  • Full-scale, comprehensive preparation of your case by attorneys with extensive trial experience will be necessary to compel the at-fault company to negotiate.
Common Causes of Truck Accidents

We will thoroughly investigate your injury-causing or fatal auto-truck collision in order to establish that negligence occurred and build the best possible case for you. Our knowledge and capabilities cover:

  • Runaway trailers
  • Overloaded trucks and falling debris
  • Conspicuity (insufficient, improperly placed or absent reflective tags)
  • Tractor-trailer brake failures
  • Tire blowouts due to tread separation and other equipment failures
  • Defective roadways
  • Negligence by logging truck drivers and other commercial operators
  • All forms of trucking company negligence
Do You Need a Eugene, La Pine or Redmond Area Trucking Accident Attorney?

If you or a family member has been involved in any serious injury-causing accident involving a commercial vehicle, you need to consult a lawyer who will focus intently on your rights, your needs and your recovery. We offer a free case evaluation, and you will pay no attorney fees unless we pursue your valid case and obtain compensation for you through a settlement or verdict.

Client Reviews
I trust Mario explicitly as he has proven himself to be extremely professional, ethical, competent and will fight for the best possible outcome. He was able to negotiate a settlement that will allow me to get back on track and for that I will always be grateful. - Jan G.
Todd handle my case flawlessly. After reviewing the facts of my case, he was able to identify where mistakes had been made and the options availble to me. Once a decision was made on how to proceed, he walked me through the process making it as painless as possible. - John