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Consequences for a first-offense DUI in Oregon

Overindulgence is a common regret after the holiday season; however, some people might be facing serious consequences. Drinking "a few too many," and driving often leads to legal issues. As discussed in our previous blog, DUI/DUII enforcement was stepped up in Oregon through the end of the New Year. You may have close friends or family members who were pulled over by law enforcement officers during over the past few weeks. If they were drinking, then they may have been arrested and charged with a DUI/DUII.

Penalties might surprise you

If a person has never been charged with a DUI before then it will be considered a first-offense. For a first-offense DUI conviction, someone may face both administrative and criminal penalties. Administrative penalties can include:

Statewide DUI/DUII enforcement is up during the holidays

Law enforcement agencies around Oregon are stepping up their patrols over the holidays this year. County sheriff's deputies are teaming up against drunk and distracted drivers during Christmas and New Years. Agencies around the state are participating in campaigns increasing the amount of police patrolling between December 15th and January 1st.

Holiday traffic and parties

More drivers are on the road during the holiday season, travelling to see their families. Holiday get-togethers add to the high volume of traffic. Christmas parties and New Year's celebrations often involve excess fun, food and alcohol consumption. After a night of celebrating with friends and family, people are more likely to drive home after a few drinks.

Abdominal pain after a car accident? Go to an emergency room

During a car accident, you may suffer injuries that you do not feel until hours or even days afterward. While most delayed onset injuries do not pose serious threats to the life of a victim, delayed onset injuries to the abdomen are very serious and deserve immediate attention.

If you recently experienced a car accident and just began feeling pain in your abdomen, you should receive emergency medical care immediately. Internal injuries, especially those in your abdomen, can turn fatal quickly. Do not wait until tomorrow or until the next convenient time. If you do, you may not live to see it.

Making a car insurance claim? Things you need to do.

The thought of making a car insurance claim may be enough to make your stomach turn. This typically means that something has gone wrong on the road, such as being part of a motor vehicle accident.

While you don't dream of the day when you can make a car insurance claim, you know that this could move to the forefront of your life at some point. If it does, you don't want to wait around and hope that things play out in your favor. You need to take immediate action.

Things to absolutely avoid when making a car insurance claim

If the time comes to make a car insurance claim, such as after an accident, you need to take all the right steps. Although you may think you know what you are doing, it's easy to make a mistake that could harm your ability to receive the compensation you deserve.

One of the most important things to remember is that you have a contract with your car insurance company. You pay for coverage every month, so you don't want to let your insurer off the hook if the time comes to make a claim.

6 ways to combat a DUI charge

Getting arrested and accused of drunk driving can have instant and severe consequences on your life -- even before a conviction occurs. You could be suspended from your job or suffer other job consequences, you could suffer from a smeared reputation amongst your friends and you might experience difficulties in your family relationships.

That said, if a conviction happens, the consequences of a DUI become even more severe, regarding criminal penalties and suspended driving privileges. When the DUI charge also involves a fatal or injurious accident, a conviction could result in prison time.

Why should you hire a personal injury attorney after a car crash?

Just because you are part of a car crash does not necessarily mean you are able to receive compensation. However, if the other party was at fault, you need to learn more about your legal rights.

Many people are the "do it yourself" type, believing that they can navigate the legal landscape without professional assistance. While there is no law saying that you have to hire a personal injury attorney, it's often in your best interest.

What treatments are there for soft-tissue injuries?

Soft-tissue injuries may not seem like they're life-changing, but many can be, at least in the short term. Soft-tissue injuries range from strains and sprains to bruises.

Soft-tissue injuries are typically caused by sudden traumatic events like car accidents or trip-and-fall incidents. They can also be caused by overusing the areas of the body that suffer the strain, sprain or bruising.

What damages are available through a personal injury claim?

If you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, you know how difficult the aftermath of an accident can be. A traumatic injury changes your life. You can no longer get up and go to work in the morning like you used to. If you had a physical job, you may never be able to perform your job duties again. The healing process is often paired with exorbitant medical costs. Finding happiness may now be a challenge. All of this can take its toll on your family as well.

When this dramatic change in your livelihood was caused by another person, it is important to know that you have options. One of those options is to seek justice through a personal injury claim.

Do you have the right to refuse a field-sobriety or breath test?

You were driving when the police pulled you over. The officer explains that he'd like you to take a field-sobriety test, because your vehicle was weaving in the lane. You know you haven't been drinking.

What should you do? Do you have to take the test? Here are a few things to think about.