Dog Bites/Premises Liability

Were you or your child bitten by a dog or injured in some other type of animal attack? Have you suffered serious harm caused by dangerous conditions on someone else's property — perhaps due to a serious fall or a criminal attack in a commercial location? Oregon laws in these areas are detailed and complex, but you may well have the right to recover compensation for medical expenses and other damages.

Do You Have a Valid Claim Against an Oregon Dog Owner or Property Owner?

Oregon dog owners and property owners have a range of obligations to protect others. The responsiveness and knowledge of the lawyer you contact can make all the difference in your ability to prove what happened and succeed with an insurance claim or lawsuit. Proven Bend dog bite injury lawyers at our firm will assess the circumstances and provide a reliable, clear evaluation of your legal rights.

Leveraging experience in well more than 100 civil and criminal trials and hundreds more high-value negotiated settlements, we will analyze every aspect of your potential dog bite or premises liability claim. In any such case, it can be critical to take photos, get contact information for any witnesses and get our attorneys involved before evidence is removed or concealed.

We consistently put in the upfront work necessary to help our clients recover fair and just compensation. When we learn of a dog bite, we assess the potential case in light of key questions such as:

  • Had the dog bitten someone before, making it the owner's clear obligation to take measures to prevent it from harming others?
  • Was the dog properly restrained or running loose — and did the dog owner violate a leash ordinance or other applicable laws?
  • Are the injuries suffered substantial — perhaps due not only to the immediate pain and need for medical attention, but also potential for permanent scarring?
  • What sources of recovery are available? These may include a homeowners insurance policy or the dog owner's personal assets.

Do You Need a Proven Madras or Redmond Premises Liability Lawyer?

Some similar considerations apply in premises liability cases, and we will take all critical steps to build your legal position while you focus on medical and personal needs. Our knowledge extends to premises liability claims after events such as major falls, impact from falling objects, swimming pool accidents and assaults enabled by negligent security. For a free, personalized consultation and case evaluation, contact us as soon as possible.