Bend Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

If you have been charged with rape, sodomy, first-degree sexual abuse or any other Measure 11 felony sex offense, you may feel that your life is all but over. Even if you face a lesser sex charge, the social stigma and impact on your family of the charge itself — let alone a conviction — can bring feelings of desperation and hopelessness.

Rather than giving in to those feelings and giving up on your future, contact us right now. We are compassionate, nonjudgmental attorneys who have built a track record of success helping numerous people overcome sex abuse charges.

Although we will never understate potential consequences — including required registration as a sex offender — we do not accept that any case is hopeless or unwinnable. You can count on us to treat you with respect and find the absolute best approach to your defense.

A Total Commitment to In-Depth Investigation and Strategic Case Building

As experienced Bend sex crimes defense attorneys and accomplished trial lawyers, we will hear you out and take immediate action based on your account of what happened — or never happened. Police reports, allegations and witness accounts are the beginning of the story for us; not the final word.

We know that anyone can come under investigation and be victimized by false or exaggerated sexual conduct allegations. Our decisive actions on your behalf may target:

  • Exposing the real motivations of an alleged victim or complaining witness — which sometimes include revenge, jealousy or the desire for leverage in a divorce or custody case
  • Proving that you have an alibi and could not have committed the crime or that the acts you are accused of were exaggerated or misinterpreted
  • Establishing that you have a mental illness or disorder and should be offered treatment and counseling rather than subjected to jail time and other devastating consequences

Do You Need a Deschutes County Rape Defense Attorney? Are You Charged With or Under Investigation for Any Sex Crime in Central Oregon?

When you turn to us, proven trial attorneys Mario F. Riquelme and L. Todd Wilson, you can be confident that you will understand all potential consequences of conviction and benefit from focused, determined representation every step of the way. We provide personal, confidential counsel in every case and defend each client's future with skill and passion.