Who We Are

When faced with a legal issue, the lawyer you choose to work with matters. You probably already know this. You may feel concerned about how you will be treated and how serious your law firm will be about resolving the problem that has turned your life upside down.

At Mario F. Riquelme & L. Todd Wilson Partners At Elliott, Riquelme & Wilson LLP, in Bend, Oregon, we understand that choosing a firm is a difficult process. We understand your skepticism and we hope to give you some information about us that will help you decide whether we are good fit for you. Learn more about what to expect at your first meeting with us.

Extensive Experience And A Strong Reputation

We have nearly 70 years of combined experience at our firm. We are also recognized in our community as a firm that provides diligent legal guidance.

What does this mean for you? It means you can expect to work with a firm who is dependable, knowledgeable and effective at resolving complex legal problems.

The Energy To Do Things Differently

Although we have extensive combined experience at our firm, we are not set in our ways. While some firms rely on standard approaches because it is easier, we are flexible, open and creative in the way we handle each legal issue that comes to us.

We know that no two cases are the same, and for us that means no two cases should be approached in the same way. Doing what is best for our clients is what energizes us to keep looking for new, more effective, solutions.

Client-Focused Law Firm

This may seem like an obvious statement. Aren't all law firms client-focused? While all firms should be client-focused, we take things a step further.

For us, client-focused means being a full-service firm. We will be available when you need us. We will keep you up to date on your case. We will seek your input along the way. We will strive to minimize the effect your case has on your life.

You can rely on our team of attorneys to do what's right for you. To read more about each of the lawyers at our firm, please follow the links below.

Meet Your Team In An Initial Consultation

To meet the team of lawyers you will be working with, please call us at 541-323-2013. You may also schedule an appointment online.